“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” Robert Frost

Poetry is a form of writing that I feel is based purely on emotion. The author’s intent is to make the reader feel something like happiness, anger, sadness, or even a mixture of emotions. This is because the author writes when something makes an impact on his or her life.

This is my poem:


His eyes drew me close;
I fell under his spell.
A demon I expose;
This is my story to tell.

A good man I thought,
A Christian within?
True love I sought,
But a nightmare begins.

His love was a guile.
His charm was deceit.
His faith was a lie.
It was all just mystique.

Nothing but an act;
The world was his stage.
This secret he kept;
It was an outrage.

His words tore at my soul,
Nothing but abuse.
It was all control;
There was no excuse.

Can’t explain how I felt.
Worthless is the word.
Nobody I would tell;
They would think it absurd.

I felt like a song bird,
That’s trapped in a cage;
But I was unheard,
I needed to escape.

I found all the strength,
To finally be free,
To know no more wrath.
It’s all thanks to Thee!

Be Inspired! Be an Inspiration!


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