The Bridge

A bridge. I stand in the middle of the road, looking from end to end. Should I go forward, or should I go back? Should I go home? Or should I take a leap of faith? Going back means I’m weak, because I’m not strong enough to leave. But could it prove that I am strong? If I endure, I’d be stronger than what I had originally thought. Should I go back? If I keep going, I’d be leaving all of my problems behind and heading to a new future. It would show courage. But if I leave, would that make me a coward? Does that make me weak, or could it show strength?

Which way would you go? We all have those times in our lives when we have to make a choice. Do you move on? Do you go back? Both decisions can show either weakness or strength. I think it depends why you make the decision. Is it because you want to move on, or is it because God has called you? If it is your sole decision, you could be questioning your choices. You may not be sure of what path to take and may leave it to fate. If it is God directing your path, then there should not be a question in your mind. Your faith in God will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3:6).

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