The Power of Prayer

Thursday, May 3rd was the National Day of Prayer. I’m so thankful that our nation has a day for us to commemorate prayer. I believe that prayer is one of the most important concepts of being a Christian. Prayer, along with the Holy Spirit, is our connection to God. Some people say that it is the world’s greatest wireless connection.

I feel that prayer is the most powerful thing we as humans can do. When we pray, we are showing God that we have faith in Him. Because of this, prayer can do amazing things. A great example of this is the story of Peter. He was thrown in prison because of his faith in Christ, and the church prayed for his release. The night before he was to be brought to trial, an angel of the Lord appeared to him. He said to him, “Quick, get up,” and Peter’s chain fell to the ground. The angel led him safely out of the city to his freedom (Acts 12).

Prayer can do so much, and as Christians, we are to pray for guidance for our nation’s leader and to pray for safety for those who risk their lives for our nation. Even if we do not agree of what is happening in our nation, God will lead the people to do what is right if we only allow Him to.

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