Life Begins

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ~Neale Donald Walsch

This quote is so very true, and it is such an inspiration to me. Life is crazy, and it can be quite scary at times. Some people say that we need to stay in our comfort zones and that we need to stick to the things that we know – probably because it’s safe. It’s also easy. Staying in your comfort zone reminds of school. Everyone has their own groups of people they hang out with. The jocks hang out with the jocks, and the musicians hang out with the musicians. The smart kids spend time with other smart kids. It’s easy to do what you know how to do, and it’s safe to be friends with those who are like you. You can’t get hurt. But I personally don’t understand why people would want to live that kind of life. As I said, life is crazy and scary, but we need to embrace it. Learn something new – something you never thought you could. Go on an adventure and see this amazing world. I strive to do this, and this is my challenge to you too.

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