Autumn Bliss

I opened the window of my kitchen to let in the fresh air. As I made my breakfast, I noticed something different. I ran to the front door and walked outside.

“Finally,” I thought out loud. I could feel the cool breeze on my face, and it felt so refreshing. This summer had been much hotter than previous years, and it is a relief for a change in the weather. As I go inside and finish my breakfast, I continue with my usual morning routine. Most days I take my time, listening to my music and savoring the peace before work. But today – today is different. Today I want to take time to be outside and not melt.

Grabbing my flannel as I walk out the door, I head to the dirt path, leading to the woods behind the property. Because of the woods, I’m surrounded by trees. It’s so incredibly peaceful out here. In the last few days, the leaves have been painted the vibrant colors of autumn. It’s just so astonishing that our Creator designed this world around us. Not only did He create it, but He also made it so captivating. He gave us the seasons of the year, and I believe He made sure there was something in each one to inspire us. He gave us the colorful flowers of spring, the bright blue skies of summer, the vibrant leaves of autumn, and the peaceful snowfall of winter. I feel so blessed that I live in place where I can enjoy each of the seasons to their fullest, given by such an artistic Creator.

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